whats up guys ???

I am very happy to announce that our seedbox and rapid leech is ready to use .
currently i can not give the seedbox account to the donar because this server is too small to support at mass level. so i guess i would be able to give these account to donators in the end of July.

Seedbox is a powerfull web seed. in that case our server has downloaded the torrent from other torent site and uploaded it to our site. so you will get seed without intruption. and the seedbox uploaded content will be remain freeleech untill we get 1 or 2 local seeder. so request to you guys whn completed seed box download just keep seeding.

No smile users can download seed box torrent . they will get their regular speed . It means if u r using btcl connection and u have 130 KB download speed, then u will get the same speed from seedbox torrent

Currently 2 torrent r seeding from seedbox

so smile / non smile/ link3 all you guys happy???