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Thread: What is your 3d setting?(only for Nvidia Users)

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    Lightbulb What is your 3d setting?(only for Nvidia Users)

    For long time i have been using ATI cards, and was very much familiar with CCC(catalyst Control Centre), and this is my first Nvidia GPU and not very much familier Nvidia Control Panel, actually its a child's play to tweaking around with those settings(as hovering the mouse gives u idea what u r doing), but wanna know what is ur setting which can hepl me to find the perfect setting for my gpu(GTX550Ti),

    And advanced Nvidia users are also welcome to advice me regarding the settings, Tips and tricks..

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    Default Re: What is your 3d setting?(only for Nvidia Users)

    Its better if you just tweak on the game profiles instead of the Global settings. Just change Multi/Mixed GPU acceletaion to Single Display in the global settings, the rest on the game profiles.

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    Default Re: What is your 3d setting?(only for Nvidia Users)

    kisu kisu game e physx cpu lekha uthe jemon bullet storm, Metro 2033, so ami kibhabe gpu physx enable korbo?

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