Video: THQ talks up its Adidas-branded trainer

THQ's announced a Kinect and Move "athletic training program" called MiCoach, co-produced by Adidas.

The 'game' is comprised of training programs for sports such as football, basketball, tennis and running, and stars athletes such as Kaka, Dwight Howard and erm, Jose Mourinho.

MiCoach lets players select various fitness goals and then coaches them through every step, says THQ. Adidas miCoach heart rate montiors will also gather real-time feedback on players' in-game performances, it says.

Producer David Sapienza told CVG at a pre-E3 reveal: "Real Madrid - one of the number one soccer teams in the world - the entire team uses MiCoach. Their coach Jose Mourinho is actually in our game as well as Kaka.

"Jose talks about how he has every one of his players use MiCoach. It's a great endorsement and it's a testament to the system."

Football pundits talk a lot about Mourinho's success being down to burning the midnight oil before games to tactically pick-apart opponents. Rarely do they pick up on the massive influence MiCoach has on the footballing elite, but now you know.

MiCoach will be released in early 2012.