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Thread: How to connect your Xbox 360 to Xbox LIVE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z!mM3r View Post
    sorry for reviving an old thread
    Amr akta friend local ISP 256kbps use koray (Mazeda Broadband)... O ki smooth gameplay pabay live a?
    And Gold cards 1 (month er jonno) koto koray pawa jabay??

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    I use exactly what your friend has. My NAT is moderate and Ping is always 3 green bar in COD Black ops2. So i guess he is ok, but sometime the ping is red and even then you get like less than 1 sec delay and that's all, nothing that serious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _xEiB|T View Post
    i googled already bro. ip config all dile eto boro list ashe mac paua e jai na

    - - - Updated - - -

    Yah finnaly found the mac. Thanks bro. Pore time pele xbox live e connect korbo ne
    no prob bro.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Z!mM3r View Post
    Got an xbox today... Its lt3.0... Can I play online??? I have a is pros 256kbps line...
    yes you can.

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    hello , i m new at here

    ame last 4-5 din theke amr x-box k x-box live r shathe connect korar try korchi

    but kono bhabeii parchi na .... bar bar dns problem type kichu likha ashche

    apnader ai page ta porar por bujhte parlam wired connection a PPPoE settings a name nd pass dite hoye

    but ai PPPoE settings ta ki ?? aikhane ki ame jeikono ID pass diye dibo ... naki nirdishtho kono ID pass ora chache please aktu

    janan ame actually aita bujhte parchi na .
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    Default Can we record Games and share

    I was going thru youtube, saw many person world wide has recorded their games and shared .. how can we record this from my X box.
    does it have inbuild option or we need some other product to record..

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    helpful info..

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    How to Connect:
    Now there are 3 ways of connecting to xbox live.

    1. Wired Broadband Connection: In this connection you just basically take the wired internet cable and connect it to the back of your xbox 360, and you may use router if you wish too, but using router a is recommended for having a stable connection.
    Now lets say you have a PPPoe setting for a broadband connection, so how do you connect where do you enter the username and password? This is how you will do that
    Goto: Xbox 360 Dashboard> System Setting> Wired Network> Configure Network> Additional Setting> PPPoE Settings, Now enter the username and password.

    2. Wireless Connection: In a wireless connection you just setup a WiFi or an adhoc connection, and use it to connect to your xbox 360, but now heres the catch. The old xbox 360 model (arcade,pro & elite) will require an extra WiFi adapter for the console, to connect to a wireless connection, but if you have one of those xbox 360 slim , then you need not worry as it have built in WiFi.

    3. Using a 3g usb modem: Now suppose you have the uch qubee modem or the usb banglalion modem, so heres how to connect with it, to connect with 3g modems you'll need an
    ethernet cable, and you can't obviously just plug the usb onto the xbox 360 and connect online. So follow this guide to connect online with a 3g USB Modem.

    P.S The ethernet cable that comes with the xbox 360 elite is ideal for this purpose.

    As you've said earlier^ about wired broadband connection, I have a broadband wifi router, which can be connected with the ethernet provided with my Xbox 360 elite. Firstly I have tried to configure network, then also manually inserted DNS servers and all that. Now that you have said about ppoe, I didnt do that. I dont know if this will work. Pls tell me step by step what to do?

    Secondly, the connection of xbox live was once successfully connected, so i went to sign up for an xbox account, but and i selected my location of Bangladesh, so i entered everything needed, and lastly they said the xbox live content was temporarity unavailable, and xbox live connection was lost again. I tried to recconect, but it didn't work.

    Need help ASAP

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