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Thread: Lego Indiana Jones Reveied

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    Unhappy Lego Indiana Jones Reveied

    Well focks i have say this my frist wii game and it i say I really did expect more from the Lego company. This game is good, but I feel it needs a lot more. You start off with indy and his sidekick Satipo (something like that) and go through missions. Satipo, carries a simple shovel, or spade which really ticked me off because I expected more. In that first mission, you don't fight ANYTHING BUT RED ANTS... then in the end of it, Satipo rides a raft. After that, I didn't expect this game to be so good.

    I then followed to the second mission, which I found 10 X better. I finally found some Lego Star wars elements, which I expected the whole time. There was a ride able animal, that resembled a tauntan, and that made me better somewhat.

    What I really liked was the character choice however and the create you character, because it had AWESOME weapons, so I felt better. Other than that, get this game with full caution, if you expected a brick smashing lego star wars game. I give it only 6........

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    Default Re: Lego Indiana Jones Reveied

    I need a Original "Lego Indiana Jones" DVD[PAL] to softmod my wii.
    Can anyone help me plz???

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