Release to coincide with franchise's 10 year anniversary?

That long-rumoured Halo HD remake? You can expect it - or at least the first details - in 116 days, 10 hours, 43 minutes and 52 seconds, if a new countdown site is to be believed. 116 days, 10 hours, 43 minutes and 29 seconds now. Keep watching the clock.

The site is the work of Podophobia Entertainment - a fictitious firm, sayeth Techinfinite, set up by Bungie to hide its covert domain name purchases from the internet's beady eye.

There's no Halo branding, but as Techinfinite notes, 116 days, 10 hours, 42 minutes and three seconds from now just happens to be Halo: Combat Evolved's 10 year anniversary. Convenient.

What do you want from a Combat Evolved reboot, readers? Simply sprucing up the resolution wouldn't cut it for us.