In the coming months AMD intends to expand its low-power C and E accelerated processing unit (APU) series with the addition of three models that are based on the same architecture, but feature improved clock and graphics speeds.
All of these new chips will be built on the same 40nm process as their predecessors and will add support for AMD's Turbo Core technology.

Making our way from top to bottom, the first APU that we encounter is called the C-60, which shares many of its specifications with the current C-50 chip.

This means that both APUs pack two processing cores clocked at 1GHz (1.3GHz with Turbo Core in the C-60), 1MB of L2 cache as well as an integrated GPU that includes 80 streaming processors.

This time, however, the on-die graphics core is called the Radeon HD 6290 since AMD has added a special turbo mode to it, which can automatically increase its speed from the stock 276MHz to 400MHz.

The next chip to come our way is an E-series APU which is called the E-300 and has dual processing cores that run at 1.3GHz.

Unlike the C-60, this doesn't feature any sort of turbo graphics technology and packs the same Radeon HD 6310 GPU as the E-240 and the E-350 that is now running at 488MHz.

Finally, we get to the third and most powerful chip in AMD's low-power Fusion lineup, the E-450. Much like the two other models AMD plans to release, this will also feature two computing cores and 1MB of L2 cache memory, but has its base frequency set at 1.65GHz.

In addition, the on-board GPU also received a speed bump and is now running at 508MHz (600MHz in Turbo mode), while the integrated memory controller received support for 1333MHz memory.

According to Donanim Haber, the website that made the information about AMD's upcoming APUs public, the three processors are expected to become available in September of 2011, just in time for the back-to-school season.

Image credits: AMD

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