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Thread: Inner Circle is Recruiting Member

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    Default Inner Circle is Recruiting Member

    Recently I got the Account of Gogeta. And opened a new guild using the account which is known as Inner Circle. We are recruiting new members. Lowbies are also invited to join. As a matter of fact we are not taking any alt toon of 80s. As we dont want trash toon here. Our motive is to make it helpful guild and provide necessary help to the lowbies. If you want to stay with us permanently than feel free to wisp me or mail me in game to Bulma or Bulmadk.
    We are planning to run all Wolk instances every week and all TBC instances every month. As well we will try to run classic raids too. But at this moment our priority is to recruit new members and lvl them up. Old 80s can join too but they have to transfer all toons to inner circle. (Btw Inner Circle is actually a ex-Dota clan based on some Bangladeshi gamers who used to live in Australia)
    Thank You.

    Server: Bloodcraft
    Fraction: Horde
    Guild Concentration: PvE
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