Original article from GameSpot:
On April Fools' Day last year, then-Battlefield: Bad Company 2 associate producer Gordon Van Dyke announced he was leaving Swedish studio DICE for another Electronic Arts-owned studio, Visceral Games in California. Now, the game developer is leaving EA altogether.

According to a message posted on his Twitter account, this week is Van Dyke's last with EA. He has worked with the publisher for six years, beginning as a quality assurance tester. Following that, Van Dyke worked on a range of Battlefield properties with DICE in an associate producer capacity including Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 1943, Battlefield: Bad Company, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Van Dyke then held a producer position at Visceral Games, where he led multiplayer production with a remote team on an unannounced AAA title. EA has yet to formally announce that game, but has posted job listings saying it is working on a "bold new IP."

As for what's next for Van Dyke, he would not say where he was headed, but did note that he hopes to have something to share regarding his career path next month.