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Thread: Recommend a shop for PSP mod

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    Default Recommend a shop for PSP mod

    Could u guys plz recommend me a shop where i can mod my PSP. i have a moded PSP slim with version m33. and it was moded more than 2 years ago. what is the current version or to which version i should mod. and also where can i get good pirated PSP games collection. Thanx in advance.

    can i mod it myself?

    i know nothing abt PSP mod version or the firmware version. sorry if i tell anything like a nub.
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    Default Re: Recommend a shop for PSP mod

    Yeah, it's easy to mod a PSP now. Visit this a\is a gr8 guide to hack psp.

    And for psp games collection, you can always go to the shops in Bashundhara or rifles square or you may try to collect them from psp owners also. Like i hav about 200 psp games in my collection
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    Default Re: Recommend a shop for PSP mod

    thanx. i will go through ur link.
    then i will contact u for games.

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    I did it myself today.
    Updated with CFW 5.00 M33-6
    Thanx again.

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