At first, i thought that NARUTO ULTI 1 WAS REallY BlanD, but this is WAYYY BETTER as there are more characters to choose from. Excluding the fact that some of the characters do not have any new moves and that naruto's aerial has been scewed up, this is A GREAT GAME FOR NARUTO FANS!!!!! (lol like me) THe storyline is good as you would have a story mode instead of just fighting aimlessly in NAruto ulTi 1, just that it does not have the character edit feature like in the earlier version. I love the multiplayer mode as i could own my bro UPside down. I just wish that u could edit the Character stats so the character would be STRong enuff to kick the cpu's BUTT!!!! OVerall, this game is one of the best i have ever played, mixing minigames, action, story and anime all into 1 GAME!!!! YEA So ThiS is A must TrY for NAruto FAns. i give it 9/10