Just one year and a few months after Ratchet and Clank's first try on the PSP and here they are at it again, and this time it's just as great. Secret Agent Clank shows that High Impact games is not afraid to try new things with their series, and also brings back the things we loved in their first title on the PSP. This game is packed full of plenty of clever dialogue, a great story, and some of the best graphics available on the PSP.

This is the first game of this series to feature Clank in his own story. However, you can also play as Ratchet and for the first time, CAPTAIN QWARK! The story does a pretty clever job of following all three stories, though the main plot is about an artifact that has been stolen from a museum, supposedly by Ratchet who was caught on camera after the artifact was taken. The main plot has Clank running around the galaxy searching for the real culprit. Qwark's story follows in behind Clank as he visits the planets that you go to as Clank, and his main point is to write a biography with his supposed helper. Qwark's parts are by far the best in the game and are sort of like boss battles. Your fight the toughest enemies in the game during these battles as Qwark describes his stories. As he goes on with his description new things are added to the enemies and the stories are quite entertaining and far fetched. These battles are displayed in several locations including an Opera, and one of those tiny crushable cities, that the Ratchet and Clank series is known for. However, this is not the only new addition to the game.

Other new game modes include a new lock opening game, and a new button pushing game, similar to guitar hero. However, both are overused. Though there is a great racing kind of mini game which is plenty of fun. The Clank portion of the game is also heavily based on stealth and there is a fun sneaking up button pressing kind of mini game during which you can sneak up and eliminate your enemies this way. This is a great idea and is pulled off extremely well along with all the other stealth elements in the game and stealth is of course rewarded with multiple bolts. The story is quite clever, and the three separate story lines are done very well. The game controls the same as Size Matters and of course has plenty of different weapons! Though no multiplayer could be a bit of a drag, not that the multiplayer of Size Matters was perfect.

Once again the graphics are great, some of the best seen on the PSP. Environments and Characters are all extremely detailed and look very smooth. Frame rate is perfect and there are plenty of beautiful video effects during which the game is still able to hold up. Sound wise there is also a very fitting soundtrack and some of the best dialogue and sound effects available on the PSP.

Overall I was thoroughly impressed with Secret Agent Clank as it performed beyond expectations on all levels. This Sony exclusive has been one of the best thing to ever happen on the PSP. Once again the game impresses with what it has to offer, though it is not perfect and hopefully there will be some slight improvements in the future that will solidify this as a perfect game. An 8.5 out of 10!