Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 has been used in a wide variety of games, including some very unexpected ones. Although most people know that it powered popular third-person shooter Gears of War, not many are aware that it was also behind the lush graphics in the role-playing game Lost Odyssey.

Now Capcom has announced that it has agreed to use the technology in another, as-yet-unspecified game. All the publisher will reveal is that the still-unnamed game is currently being developed in Europe. According to a statement, Unreal Engine 3 has been chosen because it "fully meets the requirements particular to this project." It also added that the team working on the project had "thorough knowledge" of the engine.

Capcom tends to favor its internally developed MT Framework to power its current-generation games. The engine was used in recent PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games including Devil May Cry 4, Dead Rising, and Lost Planet. The company has licensed the Unreal Engine 3 once before, for upcoming sci-fi action game Dark Void, which is being developed by Airtight Games in the US.