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Thread: Good ISP in Banani DOHS area

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    Default Good ISP in Banani DOHS area

    Hey guys.

    Currently using Link3, but these guys are being horrible these days, constant DCs and pathetic tech support who don't seem to know what to do.

    Not interested in Qubee, been there, done that.

    Please suggest. I am using WiFi, budget is around 1.5k per month subscription fee.

    Thank you.


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    Please help someone. They could not fix my connection, so now they are blaming my newly purchased adapter and LAN card, even though these 2 have worked perfectly fine until their techie decided to mess with some stuff.

    Thank you.

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    Go for triangle services limited,
    1.5mbps dedicated bandwidth with real ip(double from 1am to 10am)+ 8mbps youtube+100mbps bdix

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Any more suggestions guys? I tried contacting the above, but seems they may be off for Eid or something.

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    Could use more suggestions. These link3 techies are getting on my nerves, first they blame my newly purchased adapter(less than 2 weeks), than say it may be the LAN card, again less than 2 weeks.

    Now they blame my router, and finally they reach the conclusion it's my room that is creating the issue. Lol.

    Would prefer to change to something else that actually knows how to identify and sort a problem, these guys are at best, clueless.

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