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Thread: crysis 2 update problem:pls help

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    Default crysis 2 update problem:pls help

    Hello all,

    Recently I had bought crysis 2 and bulletstorm . When I inserted the crysis , it prompt me to update my xbox dashboard using the dvd . I updated my xbox dashboard using crysis 2 dvd and then i was able play crysis 2 and bulletstorm.Now my problem is that I can not play call of duty: Modern warfare 2, Halo : reach and Call of Duty : Black ops. I can play any other game such as Halo3, Red dead redemption , dead space 2 , AC2:brotherhood, MVC3 etc
    except this three games. When I insert any of these three games xbox can detect it , but while loading it remain black in the screen (booting all the time) and i can not go back to xbox dashboard and i have to restart it . I have also tried it after installing the game , but same thing happen . So any of you do have a solution ? pls help.

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    Default Re: crysis 2 update problem:pls help

    The reason why u cant play them is bcoz those disks are not APE 2.5 patched.

    Aktu technical bepar. I m not sure how much u r aware of it.

    But simple kothai, oi shob disk boot hobe na coz they lack the necessary mods. And market e APE 2.5 patched disk gula nai.

    Only option of playing them is to download those games, patch the ISO file and then burn the game to a DVD+DL disk. Ai chara r option nai ........

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    u can check this link to read more. U will understand after reading it fully.

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