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Thread: WB About To Announce New Batman Game?Warner Bros. has bought up five Internet domain names that could point to a new Bat

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    Default WB About To Announce New Batman Game?

    Warner Bros. has bought up five Internet domain names that could point to a new Batman game in the works. This could be part of the upcoming Arkham City launch, but that seems unlikely.

    Superannuation found these five domains newly owned by Warner Bros.:

    Each has a potential tie-in to a piece of Batman history. Batman Hush is a 2002-2003 comic story that has Batman stalked by an unknown figure, called Hush, who is striking at Batman's life from the shadows.

    Red Hoods probably has to do with the recent Under the Red Hood animated film (available on Netflix Instant), which has current Robin Jason Todd dying in a nefarious combo scheme from Joker and Ras al'Ghul...or does he? Red Hoods could also be a reference to the 1950s Joker origin story, in which the man who would become Joker is a crime lord by the name Red Hood before his transformation.

    Impostors [sic] is a Detective Comics storyline from last year, in which a minor villain originated from the '80s called Nemesis gets his very own miniseries.

    Knightfell probably has something to do with Batman: Knightfall, a major storyline from the mid-'90s in which Bruce Wayne temporarily resigns his commission as Batman to another guy due to injury, Batman rethinks his enforced solitude, and Alfred resigns.

    Could this be the new form of the previous rumor about an upcoming Batman XBLA game? Furthermore, how much credit does Batman: Arkham Asylum developer Rocksteady deserve for making me look forward to a new Batman game rather than dread it?
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