The Ultimate in Professional Laptops

MSI unveils 9 new laptops

Fri, 15 Apr 2011

In 2011, MSI unveiled nine all-new professional notebook computers, including the X370, FX420, FX620DX, GT680 & GX680, GE620 & GR620, and CX640 & CR640, with screens from 13.4 to 15.6 inches in size. Whatever your profession, if you're looking for a laptop to enhance your work performance, while offering a pristine multimedia experience, look no further!

MSI gaming laptops—the secret weapon of world gaming champions Fnatic

For the style-minded—MSI X370
So fashion is important to you… as it well should be. People around you, including family, friends, workmates, and classmates, talk about the latest styles all the time and if you didn’t stay abreast of the latest trends, you’d find yourself totally disconnected in terms of work and life in general.

Stylishly chic: The new generation X370 sports a tapered profile, sexy curves, a honeycomb pattern, and color film print technology making it THE laptop to have. Whether you're in the spotlight unveiling the latest fashions or technologies, the X370 will give you that extra boost in confidence. Tipping the scales at only 1.4Kg and less than one-inch thin, it will give you assurance when you’re standing in front of the in crowd or making a presentation in the competitive world of business.

The ultimate in multimedia: The MSI X370 features AMD's environmentally friendly, power-sipping E-350 processor and MSI's own ECO Engine power-saving technology, giving it up to ten hours of battery time—all the power you need for a day's work. You'll have plenty of power for the dress rehearsal, the formal presentation, editing the recording you made, and posting it on the web for the world to share. Additional features include APUs (Accelerated Processing Units) and cinema-grade SRS PC Sound™ wrap around sound to enhance customer presentations. Old and new clients alike won't be able to help but be impressed by the professional standards of the presentations given on your X370 with its superior multimedia performance.

MSI X370 exudes the confidence and charisma needed for the fashion industry

For travelers—FX620DX & FX420
On the road a lot? Have we got the digital mobile solution for you!

Scratch and wear resistant: The exteriors of the FX620DX & FX420 are sheathed in MSI's exclusive raised totem seal coating and color film print which exude a sophisticated air and provide the added bonus of making these NBs resistant to scratches and wear. As you jet about the globe, you don't need to worry about your laptop taking up too much room in your suitcase or that it'll be scratched by other things stuffed inside with it. When you whip your powerful and chic notebook out to make presentations to clients or do some work at a café, you won't find yourself mortified by a dinged up chassis.

Cinema-grade sound: MSI's FX620DX & FX420 feature Intel second generation Core i™ processors, MSI's crisp, clean Premium Sound, as well as THX TruStudio Pro smart wrap around sound. With impressive sound like this, there's no need to put up with crackling onboard earphones as you fly to your next destination. You can get all the high fidelity tunes or videos your heart desires on the FX620DX & FX420. What's more, despite their extraordinary power, these NBs weigh in at just 2.5Kg, so taking one wherever you're headed next is a breeze. They are ideal for presentations and negotiations or just enjoying some multimedia entertainment during some well earned down time.

MSI FX620DX & FX420—ideal for travel

For business—MSI CX640 & CR640
Your work demands data security. Losing information because "something goes wrong" with the hard drive is not an option.

Data fortress: The CX640 & CR640 pack Intel's new high-performance second generation Core i™ processors. To enhance data protection, they employ MSI's own software and hardware technologies which bolster structural design to safeguard the hard drive against sudden shocks. In addition, MSI's Time Stamp backup and restoration backs up data in just seconds. In the event that the D drive gets reformatted, you can still save the data and if the operating system is damaged, press the Time Stamp button twice during shutdown mode and everything will be immediately restored. These data fortresses offer two layers of protection technology for your documents to double your peace of mind.

Superior design: The CX640 & CR640 offer 29 functions and external features, including streamlined exteriors reminiscent of sports cars, SRS PC Sound™ wrap around sound, HiFre Antenna signal enhancement technology, an all-new heat dissipation design, up to eight hours of battery time, quick recharge, USB 3.0, and Bluetooth 3.0. These NBs represent the ideal choice for individuals who need all-around business computers to keep demanding bosses and clients happy.

The CX640 or CR640 make the demands of both business and academics a cinch

For speed—GT680 & GX680
You put your all into your work not just for the financial remuneration, but also for the challenge and sense of accomplishment that each task well done affords.

World's fastest: The GT680 & GX680 laptops sport the ultimate in processing and display performance. They boast Intel's second generation Core i7 quad core processor; nVidia's most advanced DirectX 11-supporting GeForce GTX series top-end discrete graphics cards, and MSI's own TDE (Turbo Drive Engine) overclocking technology. This explains why the GT680 & GX680 are the fastest notebook computers on the planet, so whether you're at home or travelling around the world on business, these machines are more than enough to handle huge data systems like ERP.

Wrap around sound: MSI's GT680 & GX680 come equipped with Dynaudio's incredible sound and THX TruStudio Pro smart wrap around sound, so there's no need to hook up to external speakers with all their tangle of wires. Dynaudio Sound boasts rich audio frequency and booming wrap around sound, so you can play 3D games and enjoy the subtle levels of detail of your favorite tunes. And not only is taking them outdoors to enjoy the weather a breeze, the layered wrap around stereo sound blends in well with nature.

MSI GT680 & GX680, the planet's fastest NBs, come with Dynaudio, the top name in sound

For performance—MSI GE620 & GR620
When you have lots of work to do, you need a computer that can keep up with you. It has to be a user-friendly computer that can not only handle large quantities of graphics and 3D multimedia files and when you manage to squeeze out a break, it has to be able to soothe the exhaustion out of your tired heart and mind with the ultimate entertainment experience.

Powerful file conversion: Whether at work or play, the MSI GE620 & GR620 are there for you. They feature Intel's second generation Core™ i7 quad core processors with Intel's new generation Turbo Boost 2.0 to vastly enhance the performance of each core. The display chip comes with Intel Quick Sync Video technology to rip full HD videos more than three times faster, so that a minute-long clip can be ripped in 20 seconds. They also do a superb job of revving up speed and performance when processing image editing software like Adobe Photoshop. You no longer have to waste huge amounts of time waiting for large multimedia file ripping jobs to finish. The improved performance will make leaving the office late at night a thing of the past.

Urban warrior: The beautiful HD GE620 & GR620 with aluminum magnesium alloy chassis sport a slim, professional design with aerodynamic lines, making them the ideal secret weapons for giving presentations or connecting to a big screen display via the HDMI slot. When you get a break from work, the Hollywood cinema-grade THX TruStudio Pro smart wrap around sound makes them perfect for kicking back at home or in your studio. Whether you're battling ogres or careening through the universe in a 3D game or watching a 3D film, these mean machines are the perfect choice for your entertainment needs.

The MSI GE620 & GR620 boast the ultimate in multimedia performance, so you can work hard and play hard