Contrary to what a good percentage of the gaming public may believe, PC gaming isn't dying -- it's changing. At least, that's what Intel's Javier Martinez said during the company's semi-annual LANFEST held at its Folsom, California, headquarters. If the turnout at LANFEST is any indication, there's no reason to think otherwise. You can see the LAN and hear Intel's comments in the video clip below.

"It's been changing, but the majority is desktops," explains Martinez. "It's not so much desktops are dying, it's that laptops are getting more powerful and basically being more portable. But, it's pretty much the same platform." PC gaming (and, more specifically, desktop PC gaming) has enjoyed the benifits of change in the past and, in fact, change is one of the things that PC gaming has had that console gaming didn't. New and (presumably) better components are seemingly always being released by way of graphics cards, processors and RAM upgrades. With consoles, if you want the latest and greatest you'll have to buy a whole new system and the games that go with it.