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Thread: Play FIFA 11 Online free on Voobly

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    Default Play FIFA 11 Online free on Voobly

    Voobly is an online gaming service that provides games a place to play online for free. We support many games from the MSN Zone and now our latest addition is FIFA 11. You are able to play FIFA 11 online at Voobly without having to create any EA accounts and it is a very simple process.

    Our client offers many features that make the gaming experience much more enhanced. Some of these features include, clan/teams, integrated forums, multiple game lounges, ratings, anti-cheats, NAT-Traversal, multiple supported languages, custom theme support, and many more options.

    We are just launching this new game and want to bring in as many players as e can. We have a plan to add a rating system to the game for players to use so that when they win or lose a game they gain or lose rating based on the win/loss. Right now the rating system has not yet been created, but you can help change that. As more players come over to Voobly we will add the rating system and other features upon request.

    We realize that we are just starting off with this new game, and that there are not too many players yet, but you can help fix that! For every player that comes into Voobly, and keeps the lounge open, more people will start coming and it will grow extremely fast!

    Playing is quite simple. Here are the directions.

    1) Go to and register.
    2) Download the client
    3) Open the Fifa 11 Page
    4) Open the Lounge
    5) Host/Join a game (on Voobly)
    6) Go to Online Modes
    7) Multiplayer
    8) LAN Play
    9) Host or join (Inside the game)
    10) Play

    I have demonstrated steps one through five in the screenshots below. Please feel free to help spread the news and bring more players!!! The more players we bring in, the more features we can add to the game.

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    Default Re: Play FIFA 11 Online free on Voobly

    Is there rating system for FIFA 11 PC in voobly?

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