As every one is complaining about the AI, i would like to start commenting about this topic first.
AI is playing with the mentality of real drivers.. ekhn ami jodi ore overtake korar shomoy ore dhakka dei tahole to problem hobei.. and i have seen when they start acting mad, it is when i try to overtake him from behind and in d mean time coming close to his car..thik tokhoni ora paglami shuru kore and yes its illegal move, which in F1 2010 will be marked as foul and will be given penalty to the player. So now if ne 1 wants to be aggressive they have to first overtake the AI (as in the player has to keep d head of his car in-front of the AI) and then we have to give him a side wise pressure or change to his lane. In such situation AI does not do nething stupid and acts defensively as ne driver in d real world should do. If players want to be aggressive then AI has the right to become aggressive too and this time we have to be defensive otherwise ora tokhon jevabe drive korbe sheta amader kase stupid e mone hobe.
So I personally think that AI is not doing ne thing stupid.

Full Physx er bepare ami pore comment korbo coz i still did not buy momo. But suspension er force feedback e problem ase, tar mane ei na je suspension gula thik moto kaj kortese na, each and individual spring performed based on d skyline R34 and lexus LFA.