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Thread: Result of Independence day cod4 tournament

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    Post Result of Independence day cod4 tournament

    Result of Independence Day CoD4 Tournament
    Time Friday, March 25 at 9:30am - March 26 at 7:00pm
    LocationDigital Gamezone,4th floor,Syad Grand Center,Sector7,Uttara.Dhaka, Bangladeshregistration fee 600/500tk per team.
    Rules: Team Deathmatch!!!
    Format: Group stage+Knockout(Best of 3)
    Time limit:10 minute
    Score limit:1000

    grouping via lottery

    :::Group A:::
    GAF -- Viper
    360opfor 450marine Backlot
    570SAS 490Spetz overgrown
    390opfor 640marine crash

    760opfor 580marine strike
    1000marine 740opfor bog
    880opfor 1000marine crash

    240sas 230spetz pipeline
    1000marine 610opfor bog
    660sas 670spetz overgrown

    :::Group B:::

    670sas 320spetz vacant
    440opfor 380marine bog
    520opfor 460marine crossfire

    Group A last>GAF vs Group B last>FORSKN
    290spetz 150sas bloc
    740opfor 650marine backlot

    group A1 tyrant A2 viper B1 VYKE 4th team GAF

    Tyrant -- GAF
    1000 610 bog
    10sas 0spetz bloc

    Viper --VIK
    190opfor 110marine crossfire
    00spetz 00sas vacant
    260marine 160opfor crash

    Tyrant --Viper
    10marine 10opfor crossfire
    1000marine 630opfor bog
    460marine 450opfor crash

    champion team tyrant 1600tk
    runners up viper 800tk

    thnx to organiser Maroof Muhammad Hasan

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Name:	190622_150436855020929_100001638461222_310821_1979330_n.jpg 
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Name:	200429_1778551995339_1585570136_1646315_7060746_n.jpg 
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