Microsoft has been demonstrating new Bing features, including its HTML5 enabled version.
Yusuf Mehdi, Senior VP of Microsoft’s Online Audience Business, demonstrated the new features during Microsoft’s Imagine 2011 conference earlier this week. Microsoft has posted a number of videos from the demonstration. The first (see below) shows Mehdi demonstrating new ways to complete tasks directly in the Bing search bar. Microsoft is also building in “print” and “buy” features that allow users to specifically search for boarding passes and buying electronics, movies and games etc. Mehdi also demonstrates some of Bing’s Windows Phone 7 features.

In the second video (see below), Mehdi demonstrates some of Bing’s visual enhancements and features. The enhancements are part of Microsoft’s Bing HTML5 preview, due to enter public beta soon.

The final video (see below) features some social search demonstrations. Mehdi explains Microsoft’s integration with Facebook and how the company is using Facebook to provide results and opinions from your friends. Manan Kakkar, who blogged about the new videos, says one of the problems with social search is when to invoke the social recommendations. Mehdi describes these cases and claims the company’s partnership with Facebook presents better recommendations.


Really cool stuff! I wonder when we'll have something like this in our country