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Thread: FiFa Community Via Game Ranger

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    Hello Dear Friends
    I present to you the website dedicated to Fifa 11 Via GameRanger
    The site is reserved only for FIFA fans and players

    There are many tournaments and ladder organize the site

    Feel free to join us

    On the following link:

    Two tournaments are underway Quick Register

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    can u tell me what exactly is the purpose of this forum???moreover i tried to register but failed numerous is the screen shot of what is missing
    Name:  gr.jpg
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Size:  217.5 KB

    in the above screen shot u'll see i've highlighted the field i m missing while filling the form...

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    Default Re: FiFa Community Via Game Ranger

    We have solved the problem of the Site, Thank you for reporting the problem

    You can Now Registre

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    nice site

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    Default Re: FiFa Community Via Game Ranger

    let's get to the Citrus Bowl to make the season's record 10-1!

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