Here's a simple script I made that steals functions from Dynamic Linked Libraries(DLL(s)).

from ctypes import *
import ctypes
import string
import os
import sys

for i in os.listdir(os.path.dirname(sys.argv[0])):
    if i.endswith(".dll"):
        ilist = i
    ext = ilist[-4:]
    libc = cdll.DLLNAME
    data = str(libc)
    sdata = data.split(" ")
    config = sdata[1].strip("',") + ext
    print "Loaded:", config
except WindowsError, msg:
    print str(msg)
stolen_function = printf = libc.FUNCTIONAddress(Hex)
solen_function(exec sys.arg[0:])
stolen_function stores the dlls function in a hex value, then returns the object type and attributes for usage.