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      • A decent rig. :)
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    Default is Open for registration is open for registration. This site is a private tracker, as far as i have seen, this site releases TV Episodes a bit faster than IPT and i always get full speed from the seeders.

    All users who download a torrent are expected to seed the torrent for a minimum of 48 hours (2 days), OR until you ratio is 2:1.

    Just check it out, almost anything you see in rlslog is posted here before it is posted in

    Have fun

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    Default Re: is Open for registration

    I've been suggesting this tracker for a long, long time.

    & only a bit faster ? Much faster actually.
    I really, really fail to understand that why people worships TL or IPT (for new releases at least) ?

    First, they shouts like .. (what can I say) .. when something comes in IPT or TL. & later they says, "dude, seed korte korte more jaitesi." :/

    AO's speeds are really fast, no one yet complained about their speed in new releases. Collections are small (what can be expected from a new tracker ?). Pretimes are fast, though not as fast as TL (this ain't a serious case of complaining however).

    In a word, AO is little brother of GFT. & will become like GFT or better than that soon enough.

    Tagging @asif105878 vai.

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