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Thread: Amazing news for people who invested in a Sempron 140, a 3000 taka processor that'll get you amazing value !

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    Default Amazing news for people who invested in a Sempron 140, a 3000 taka processor that'll get you amazing value !

    Alright guys, just yesterday I got a few pc's for my mothers store from IDB.
    They were all sempron 140 Single core processors.
    Now the mobo I got with the was a dirt ¤¤¤ cheapo Nvidia Nforce, and the board was also about 3100 !

    Now the thing is, the sargas core that is used in the sempron is actually the Regor core used in Athlon II X2 with one logic core disabled.

    Now alot of people dont know this but this core is actually easy to unlock compared to the x2 phenoms and athlons to the quad core variants.

    Still there are no confirmation that you will unlock your cores, but where can you go wrong if your in a tight budget and you will get a chip for 3000 taka that will outperform other single cores in the market, pair this with a 760G mobo and you cant go wrong.

    Now I have tweaked some settings (Im using Gigabyte MT68somecrapIdontremember) now I have successfully unlocked the cores and Im running it as we speak, anyhow it seem stable so far, I did need to tweak the voltages though, but its pretty nifty that I can squeeze out an athlon ll x2 440 from a sempron xD pretty nice no ?

    Now this will outperform the core processors of the p43 and a better buy then the core i3 due to the absurdly low pricing and great overclockability to round about near 4GHZ.
    You would need a new cooler if your going to OC thought, the coolers that come with this are by far the worst coolers I have ever seen!
    I will post screens later I hope when I do get time, but for now guys Im off, check again to see some more posts about tweaking AMD Processors

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    Default Re: Amazing news for people who invested in a Sempron 140, a 3000 taka processor that'll get you amazing value !

    now this is something total round up koto cost porse?? I mean Mobo+CPU+RAM+Casing+HDD??

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    Default Re: Amazing news for people who invested in a Sempron 140, a 3000 taka processor that'll get you amazing value !

    Old news about unlocking Sempron.

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