Announced by Microsoft on the 18th August 2010 at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany is the development of the next flight simulator in Microsoft series, now called "Microsoft Flight". They seemed to have dropped the "Simulator" ending, opening up the software to many more players and simulation enthusiasts. By dropping the "Simulator" word, the game is targeted at anyone with a slight interested in virtual aviation, not just the flight "simulator" enthusiast.

The announcement of Microsoft Flight didn't come as a complete surprise, as Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of Microsoft's best selling and longest developed software titles for the PC. While the demise of the ACES studio was saddening for the flight simulator community, we all knew deep down to expect a release of another Microsoft developer simulator package.
While there was no news on the development of another simulator by Microsoft, X-Plane flight simulator for PC, Mac and iPhone started gaining popularity within the community. However, this is a much more realistic simulator and is targeted at more advanced virtual aviators.
Microsoft don't have a lot of information on "Microsoft Flight" yet, however keep checking Fly Away Simulation for the latest updates and press releases on this.
"Microsoft Flight will bring a new perspective to the long-standing genre, welcoming everyone, including long-time fans, to experience the magic of flight." - Microsoft PR.
Users can expect great enhancements from FS10 aka FSX. The entire engine will be built around DX10 with advanced lighting, 3D textures and much more. This should bring the Microsoft simulator package to the next level of realism.
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good news for air sim seems our long waited new title finally will see the sun's eye.if this game featured on DX11.then i can assure that this will be on the one of the best gfx game of the year on the release year.please note: ms flight simulator x(2006) was the first game to introduce DX10.
after 2 service pack & 1 expansion pack ms closed the previous developer of Flight simulator.after 5 years they are now back in action.
so,really hoping good on this one