Today Focus Home Interactive announced a new Sherlock Holmes adventure game, and this time the famous detective is the one under investigation.

For over a decade now Ukraine-based developer Frogwares has been quietly creating adventure games for the PC market. One of these games, Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack The Ripper, was brought to the Xbox 360 last year, and although the port contained numerous flaws, I largely enjoyed it thanks to the game's clever investigation mechanics and surprisingly mature storyline.

So I'm more than a little excited that Frogwares has announced a new Sherlock adventure game, one that's being specifically designed for consoles. As you can see from the images below, the game's graphics are already leagues above Jack The Ripper, which will hopefully make the game world feel more immersive. I also have high hopes for the storyline, which revolves around Holmes being framed for a series of crimes we totally know he would never commit! Or would he?! No. Probably not.

We'll bring you more on the game as we approach its tentative fall release date.


its also gonna be released for PC