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Thread: Dell purchase of amd?!total rumor?

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    Default Dell purchase of amd?!total rumor?

    Like the tides, the AMD buyout
    rumor returned yesterday, this
    time with Dell as the alleged
    buyer. And yet again, the stock
    market dutifully responded by
    moving share prices around as
    the speculators who started and
    stoked the rumor no doubt took
    their gains. There are so many
    problems with this rumor
    whenever it arises, but the two
    main issues are (a) it's hard to
    see a good rationale for any
    other tech player to buy AMD, and
    (b) Intel wants to make sure that
    AMD stays independent and
    viable (although not too viable).
    What sparked the buyout rumors
    this time was a train of high-level
    executive exits at AMD, starting
    with CEO Dirk Meyer's departure
    last month. COO Robert Rivet and
    SVP of Corporate Strategy Marty
    Seyer announced last week that
    they'd be following Meyer out the
    door, prompting speculation
    about what, exactly, is going on
    at the chipmaker. A string of
    high-profile exits is always a bad
    sign, but it doesn't have to mean
    that it's sale time.
    One possible factor behind the
    exits could be the board
    dissatisfaction fingered in the
    case of Meyer. Of course, in the
    past six months, AMD's stock has
    posted a healthy 35 percent gain
    —compare it to Intel's 11
    percent jump despite a string of
    record quarters. So what could
    AMD shareholders possibly be
    cranky about? NVIDIA is one
    possible answer.
    NVIDIA is up over 150 percent in
    the past six months —a terrific
    run that parallels ARM's similar
    blast-off in this same timeframe.
    Jen-Hsuan's gamble with the
    launch of the Tegra line has paid
    off big time, and NVIDIA is
    reaping the rewards of the entire
    tech market's current infatuation
    with ARM. Meanwhile, as we
    pointed out in our coverage of
    Meyer's departure, AMD's answer
    to Tegra was the Imageon line —
    a great chip with a head-start
    against Tegra that AMD
    unfortunately sold to Qualcomm
    in order to keep itself afloat.
    But ultimately, it's pointless to
    speculate about AMD's executive
    departures until we get more
    details. The fact that AMD blew its
    ARM opportunity while NVIDIA is
    blowing up could be a factor, but
    it could also come down to
    internal politics. Who knows.
    What is clear is that while the
    departures amount to a shake-
    up, the sale thesis is still very

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    Default Re: Dell purchase of amd?!total rumor?

    Shocking, if the rumors are true, then bye bye AMD! Say hello to Dell Radeons and Dell phenom processors?!

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    Default Re: Dell purchase of amd?!total rumor?

    Id like to avoid these rumors till they do happen (which is highly unlikely :/)

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