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Thread: Mirror's Edge 2 development 'stalled'

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    Default Mirror's Edge 2 development 'stalled'

    Sequel on hold as staff move over to another project, claims report

    Mirror's Edge 2 has been put on hold, it's being reported this morning.

    Speaking to Swedish site Press2Play, DICE's Patrick Soderlund reiterated that a Mirror's Edge follow-up was in development and had even been showcased internally at EA.

    However, according to P2P's translated chat the sequel has now "stalled", with all parties involved moved over to another project.

    EA's been far from quiet on the chances of Mirror's Edge returning - and DICE developer CVs have also pointed to a sequel.

    EA boss John Riccitiello talked up number two in late 2009:

    "I've had several very lively debates with the dev team. And they are working on it. But there's a couple of different directions you could go," he said.

    "We're still working through things like how to best deal with Mirror's Edge 2.There are some things we learned about that [first] game. It was, I think, a massively innovative product. To be honest with you, I think it's a game that deserves to come back."


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    Default Re: Mirror's Edge 2 development 'stalled'

    Oh,thats why! I was wondering why this game isn't in this year's release list. Time trial was a fun but this time give us a city where we can also run on the ground (sandbox type).

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