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Thread: Nokia to adopt Windows Mobile OS

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    Lightbulb Nokia to adopt Windows Mobile OS


    Microsoft and Nokia announced a broad mobile phone partnership today that joins two powerful but lagging companies into mutually reliant allies in the mobile phone market.
    As expected, Nokia plans to use Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 operating system as part of a plan to recover from competitive failings detailed in Nokia Chief Executive Stephen Elop's "burning platform" memo. But it's deeper than just an agreement to install the OS on Nokia's phones.

    Instead, the companies will cooperate tightly under an agreement the companies just describe so far as proposed, not final. Windows Phone 7 would become Nokia's "principal" operating system, and Nokia would help Microsoft develop it and ensure a broad range of phones using it are available globally.

    And Nokia will use many Microsoft online services, many of which trail Google rivals, such as Bing for search and maps and AdCenter for advertisements.


    My take: Expected strategy from Nokia CEO as he is a former Microsoft employee. But Android would have been a better choice. Still better than symbian at least !

    The Memo from Nokia CEO few days ago

    Stephen Elop, Nokia's new chief executive, has seemingly begun bracing the company for radical change with a no-holds-barred memo saying the once dominant mobile phone company is now "years behind" its competitors.

    The memo, published at The Wall Street Journal and Endgadget, arrives on the eve of a public strategy briefing at the end of this week and the massive Mobile World Congress trade show next week. Nokia, which reported a 21 percent decline in profits for the fourth quarter of 2010, declined to comment on the memo.
    In it, Elop says Nokia is like a man on an oil platform in the North Sea who wakes to explosions and fire, but who survives after choosing to leap into the icy sea. "Nokia, our platform is burning," Elop said, and Nokia itself, not just competitors, has poured gasoline on it.

    He said Nokia has failed to respond to three competitive challenges: Apple's iPhone, Google's Android operating system, and low-cost phones from China. Its own Symbian operating systems is unwieldy, and its higher-end MeeGo is late. And while Nokia failed to respond, the rules of mobile phone competition expanded from specific devices to ecosystems.
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    Default Re: Nokia to adopt Windows Mobile OS

    Nokia lost to those low-cost phones from China ?!?!!?

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    Default Re: Nokia to adopt Windows Mobile OS

    Nokia makes significant sales in low cost handsets now. See our Bangladesh example. Lots of Nokia phones below 10,000 taka range. These are the main sales segment now as they lost high end segment to Apple and Android systems. (i mean gone are days of N95 which ruled high end segment). Even the low end segment is facing stiff competition from Chinese copycat phones (lol they even have touch screens at 5k or 6k).

    And yes ......... Symbian is finally RIP. It was already RIP. I am actually surprised it lasted this long

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    People should not buy Nokia Symbian phones now as support will drop sooner or later.

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    RIP: Symbian

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