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Thread: Frost Mage PvP

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    Default Frost Mage PvP

    Everything You need to know about Frost Mages

    Spec should be TTW/Deep Freeze - 20/0/51

    Shatter COMBO: With the talent Shatter frost mages have 50% increased crit chance on frozen targets for all their spells. Frozen Targets are the targets stuck in Frost Nova,
    Water Elemental Freeze, Shattered Barrier nova, Deep Freeze and when you get Fingers of Frost proc who ever you cast on counts as a frozen target. Shatter combos are doing a Frostbolt + Ice Lance combo on a frozen target. At the end of the frostbolt cast keep smashing that ice lance button so you can get them off at the same time. If both go off at the same time both will crit (almost always, its not a 100% chance especially since resilience reduces the chance to be crit but you'll see it crit most of the time).

    Counterspell > School lockout for 8 seconds if you hit it when your opponent is casting which is godly, paladins can't use Divine Shield aka bubble while locked out of Holy.
    Talented Counterspell (2 points in Improved counterspell in the Arcane tree) - Blanket Silence for 4 seconds in addition to the school lockout if you hit it on a opponent's cast. The Counterspell debuff can get dispelled but if it sticks your opponent cannot cast any SPELLS at all for 4 seconds. Divine Shield and Ice Block remove the debuff.

    Deep Freeze > 5 second stun, target counts as frozen, all spells benefit from shatter. Can be used as CC or for nuking and setting up burst.

    Evocation > With the Glyph it gives you back 60% of your hp in addition to 60% mana. Long cooldown use when you need to, don't wait to use it. Its better to get a full evo off before touching your mana gems.

    Mana Gems > Gives you back about 4000 mana back at level 80. Has 3 charges and 2.5 minute cooldown.

    Frost Ward > Absorbs damage from Frost spells. Benefits from Frost Warding (Giving you a 30% chance to turn the absorbed spell into mana), Molten Shields (30% chance to Reflect the spell back at the caster), Incanter's Absorbtion (Gives 15% damage absorbed as spell power) and Glyph of Frost Ward (5% chance to reflect a spell back at the caster, additive with Molten Shields)

    Fire Ward > Same as Frost Ward also benefits from the same talents.

    Icy Veins > Has so many uses. Gives 100% pushback reduction and 20% haste if its active while casting. Imagine having Icy Veins up while evocating! Faster evocation plus 0 pushback getting you a complete evocation although its not recommended unless you really need it. Don't be stupid though and dont use it when you have a mashing your face.

    Polymorph > The bread and butter CC for Mages. Turns your opponent into a sheep for 10 seconds, regenerates the health of the sheeped opponent very fast, and the sheep breaks on damage. Can be dispelled easily so its wise to get some debuffs up on your opponent before polymorphing them. For example, Rank 1 frostbolt is a 0.7 second cast making it almost impossible to get interrupted and it puts up 2 debuffs, frostbolt slow and winter's chill. So a polymorphed target has 3 debuffs, Polymorph, frostbolt and winter's chill. So, theres only a 33% chance of your polymorph getting dispelled.

    Frostbolt > This is your primary nuke as frost. Non crits do ¤¤¤¤ damage.. but that doesn't mean you shouldn't spam cast it when you're nuking. Aim for shatter when going for a kill.

    Ice Lance > Use it when you have fingers of frost procs and cant cast. Can also be used to stack up winter's chill. Instant Cast, does 3x damage on frozen targets, benefits from shatter like every other spell, does ¤¤¤¤ damage on non frozen targets.
    Stats for a Frost Mage:

    SPELL HIT: THE MOST IMPORTANT STAT UNTIL YOU GET CAPPED! Get 5% Hit no matter what, you need it, you don't want your spells to miss especially shatters!

    SPELL PENETRATION: 130 is good. Resistance auras take away a lot of your damage, aim for the spell penetration cap if you're into serious Arena PvP, its a must have stat.

    SPELLPOWER: The core stat for any caster. More spellpower = more damage. So having a lot of it is a good thing.

    HASTE: The best stat for casters, period. Its value is almost equal to that of spellpower. Getting more haste = faster casts, which adds up to more damage doesn't it? Faster polymorphs are also a good thing. Aim for a balance between haste and spellpower, you can never have enough of both the higher you have the better.

    RESILIENCE: Reduces damage you take from other players. Cap is 1414.5. Around 600-700 should be enough for arena. Don't gem Resilience! It will come with the gear.

    INTELLECT: Increases your mana pool and chance to crit with spells. Don't gem or enchant anything with Intellect ever.

    STAMINA: Increases your health. Don't gem or enchant.

    AGILITY: Don't even think about this.

    SPIRIT: Good for priests because of how it regenerates mana for them. Avoid if you're a Mage.

    STRENGTH: Melee stat. Avoid it.

    Top 2v2 comps for Frost Mages:
    1. Mage / Priest - (Frost/Discipline or Frost/Shadow)
    2. Mage / Rogue - (Frost/Sub or Frost/Muti)
    3. Mage / Shaman - (Frost/Elemental)
    4. Mage / Warlock - (Frost/Destruction)
    5. Mage / Druid - (Frost/Boomkin)

    Top 3v3 comps for Frost Mages:
    1. RMP - Mage/Rogue/Disc Priest
    2. MLP - Mage/Lock/Disc Priest
    3. MLS - Mage/Lock/Resto Shaman
    4. Shatterplay - Mage/Shadowpriest/Resto Shaman
    5. MSP - Mage/Ele shaman/Disc Priest
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    Default Re: Frost Mage PvP

    very good guide.

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