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Aseef Hussain Mollik ami SPACE 703 ATX casing sell korbo. condition brand new (unused). ami pc upgrade korbo bole casing kinsilam but goto 24 December amar baba mara gesen tai amar pokkhe akhon pc upgrade kora sombhob na tai ami casing ta sell korbo. i need Tk.3800 {including 1 multicolor cpu cooling fan (exhaust) of tk.250} for the casing cause it's new and unused.
Saimon Mehedi Wana SELL my PS2 ! :/
F M Moinul Haque Steelseries Xai R.U.S.E edition. 6pieces wil be availavle within two weeks. All wil b intact and comin from u.k. The price is 6.8 k
Contact 01670069869
Muheeb Ar-Rahman want a good headset between 2000-4000,preferrably new or 1 months or so used
Faisal Mahmud Razer Naga for sell with warrenty. Brand new.Contact - 01719167455
Munajj Ahamed I need a UPS to run my 420Watt TS2 Thermaltake Powersupply.....the generator of our house turns on after 10-15 seconds later the electricity goes I need to give my PC back up for this time while the generator turns on and starts supplying simple words I need a power supply which will give me a bac...k up of 20 seconds.
please note I just need to give my PC a power backup,not my does not matter if the UPS cannot back up my monitor with my PC....
Rakin Rulz I want to sell my factory OCed 5850 Black Edition. Plz contact 01675464860 (rakin) or msg me in fb.Asking price 15k (negotiable)...
Tabib Raiyan Tabib siberia v1(white) for sell arround ...if interested call 01715378778

INpace communication(idb 3rd floor)(pro2 er pashe)
razer products @reasonable price
mamba wireless 10000tk
adder 3500dpi 5000tk
lachesis 5600dpi ~5500tk
...megadolon 12000tk
charcharis ~7000tk
imperator 7000tk
diamondback 4000tk
Pro2 teo razer but daam shunle bhoy lage

UCC(idb 3rd floor) SAPPHIRE ati raedon @reasonable price
5870 ~23000tk
5850 ~18000tk
6870 ~23000tk
6970 ~33000tk
REMEMBER Sapphire doesnt have class C products so sapphire is much reliable than xfx(china xfx sux )contact opu:01711575051

450GTS- about 12000tk
msi 460GTX -17000tk
XFX ATI raedon 6870 -25000tk
for sale @"PC carnival" (syad grand center 2nd floor,uttara sector7 dhaka,same building of digitalzone)contact 01819234199 rahat