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Thread: L2 Vs L3 Cache

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    Default L2 Vs L3 Cache

    Is L2 cache more important than L3?
    (L2 cache 512 KB and L3 cache 3MB) Vs (L2 Cache 4MB no L3 cache) then which will win?

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    Default Re: L2 Vs L3 Cache

    The second one will win ofcourse! L3 is more precious than L2.
    Same goes for L2 vs. L1.

    EDIT: sorry, 1st one will be the winner.
    Hai re, eto boro typo kemne hoilo...
    & thanks mazhar vai for the explanation.
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    Default Re: L2 Vs L3 Cache

    Quote Originally Posted by zaman_177 View Post
    Is L2 cache more important than L3?
    (L2 cache 512 KB and L3 cache 3MB) Vs (L2 Cache 4MB no L3 cache) then which will win?
    It depends on many other factors as to which one is more important, even in your case. The architecture of the CPU, the L3 cache bandwidth, nature, size, latency and the ratio of cores its shared with along with many other factors matter. Dont put too much importance on L2 cache size for Intel processors after Core i series. L2 is fixed at 256kb, small, fast and is exclusive to the cores. The L3 varies among processors and is shared between the cores. Hence when choosing the processor, a higher L3 cache is preferred but of course, there are other factors involved.

    Rion, an L3 cache is not more precious than L2, and L2 is certainly not more precious than L1! But since those (L1 and L2) are usually fixed nowadays, we choose between a higher, lower or no L3 (Athlon X3/X4)

    Of course, with processors which have no L3, the L2 is variable. Its rarely the case that both L2 and L3 vary among different models.

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