I've first seen this game in facebook Game collection. Then I created an account and started playing that game. First look was average. Nothing gorgeous, Side scrolling, 2D, simple graphics and average dungeon crawler game. But the more time I was spending there the more I'dstarted to realize how good this game is. It have 3 primary classes with male and female gender, Every class have 3 different types of build and every build have several way to develop your character. It have almost all RPG element like a great character customization panel, Tallent tree, Skills, Level up, Guilds, Pets, 3 version of every gears, Magic (normal), Rare and Legendary. And it is not so easy to find a Legendary gear. You have to be too careful to spend your precious tallent point or you will get weaker to weaker every time u level up. YOu can party with up to 3 member. Different mobs and bosses are weak against different abilities. There are thousand of players who is playing this game over couple of years and still loves it.

Give it a try:

YOu can add me as friend so that I may guide you. Bangladeshi players are rare there.
My name phantam
To add me to friend list: /friend phantam
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Or you can add your username here, I will add you.
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