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Thread: BanglaGamer Starcraft 2 Replays

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    Default BanglaGamer Starcraft 2 Replays

    Hey guys, heres an easy way for us to upload and share our replays with each other! is an easy site to upload replays to, and it shows all kinds of fancy stats when you upload a replay there

    If you mouse over a player, it shows their avatar and info

    You can see all kinds of details about how the game was played

    And even the general strategies used!

    Seeing as its useful and convenient, I made a BanglaGamer account at (Link) so that all of us can upload our replays to one account and watch each others replays
    To upload simply login to replayed with this info

    Account name: BanglaGamer
    Password: bangali

    Hope this helps, share and care folks! :mellow:
    Formerly Id.l2eaper. add me up on SC2 EU server for practice/fun games or chattin! Hivemind.952

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    Default Re: BanglaGamer Starcraft 2 Replays

    wow nice find :O. This should make sharing replays easier. one of the main reasons i dont share is...well too many clicks . too lazy. Dekhi I think i'll start uploading soon.

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