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Thread: Starcraft 2 Replay thread

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    Post Starcraft 2 Replay thread

    Post your replays!

    this is one of my 'close' matches. very close rather...

    [League : Bronze]

    edit: i think the .SC2Replay file format is not supported as an attachment file type.
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    Default Re: Starcraft 2 Replay thread

    Nice, a replay thread ♥
    To get us started heres a couple of sources for high/pro level replays

    and heres a great place to upload your starcraft 2 replays where they are all saved to your account and organised well

    just register to the site (doesnt take long) and after uploading any replay while logged in, go to
    to view all the reps you've uploaded so far ^^
    Formerly Id.l2eaper. add me up on SC2 EU server for practice/fun games or chattin! Hivemind.952

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