..Hello ppl. I live in Tallabag and I m in a desperate need for a gud broadband internet connection. I m currently using a local ISP BB connection - LadyBee. They rele suck. The line disconnects frequently every few hours and the speed is never constant. I get 10-12 Kb dl speed with 800tk. I cant even browse the net properly. I cant play online CSS properly in gearena, coz it lags like hell, i get 300+ latency everytime. And the real problem is that their service is terrible, they are like damn care and never response to my problem quickly.

So, I am seriously considering a change. Pls anyone who lives in this area, pls suggest me one gud ISP. I hear a lot of praise about BDcom and Smile. SO pls let me know whether they are available in Sobhanbag/Tallabag area. And pls dont tell me to buy Qubee or BanglaLion..