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Thread: :: PROMOD :: for the pro's by the pro's!

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    Cool :: PROMOD :: for the pro's by the pro's!

    Call of Duty 4 :: PROMOD ::
    for the pros by the pros!

    About Promod:
    According to the pro's the main reason of launching Promod in All the 5v5 tournaments in europe is
    "cod4 is a easy game even a kid can pawn with heavy gunner or with large ammo clip of p90 or with berret semiautomatic sniper so Promod comes here to create a difference between the moderate players and really pros"

    Now PROMOD Search and Destroy is the international standard format for cod4 tournaments,simply becuase PROMOD is the best mod for playing LAN tournaments.
    These are the biggest cod4 leagues in Europe and they play PROMOD S&D

    PROMOD made some restriction and balance in the game.And launching PROMOD in a server increases your fps a lot.Beacuse PROMOD has disabled all the EXTRA graphics features and particles,glow,water effect,reflection,sundraw,fog etc.It will make the server better by increasing the fps and lowering the ping.
    Over all the thousands mods for cod4,PROMOD is the best competetion mod till now.

    PROMOD 2.11 Features

    • Ragdolls removed because of random behaviour

    • Fixed several issues with bomb-drop

    • Fixed a bug where a player could sprint longer after planting/defusing

    • Promod header will inform about the usage of knife round feature

    • Added training-dummy feature for strat mode, which will only work on listen/local servers with PunkBuster turned off

    • Using training dummy:First put up a local home-hosted server without PB (start game, launch Promod 2.11 from the mods-menu and load a map with the console or menu). The default button for spawning a bot is the “N” button (bind X “+actionslot 1″).

    • Added a record-menu which will popup once a player is ready, this menu can optionally be disabled in the quickmessage menu: B-4-5

    • Added a sound notification to the last player to ready-up

    • Killspec mode. Commits suicide, releases current class spot and does not respawn the player before a class is selected again. Can be activated through quickmessage menu: B-4-4 or by console command openscriptmenu quickpromod killspec

    • Knife round. For match modes adds an extra round and ready-up mode, in public games it will be the first round of map. It can be toggled via knife keyword in promod_mode (for example match_mr10_knife) or dvar “promod_kniferound” in public games. Scorebot announces knife round via knife_round keyword

    • Promod Commands and Promod Graphics menus can be accessed via openscriptmenu quickpromod controls / graphics respectively

    • Plus many other visual, non-gameplay related improvements.


    The promod_mode dvar follows a specific syntax. However the game accepts the bits between underscores ( _ ) in any order.
    match: standard match mode, conflicts with knockout mode. Round limit = mr#*2
    knockout: knockout match mode, conflicts with standard match mode. Score limit = mr#+1
    mr#: maxrounds – see above for use. Default is 10. Works only in Search & Destroy and Sabotage.
    lan: lan mode – g_antilag 0, PunkBuster messages turned off. Conflicts with pb mode.
    hc: hardcore mode (disables some HUD elements and reduces health level to 30).
    knife: knife round – adds a knife round and an extra ready-up mode to Search & Destroy matches.
    1v1/2v2: used for 1v1 and 2v2 matches, disables Demolitions and Sniper classes.
    pb: disables PunkBuster warnings for online modes. Conflicts with lan mode.
    For example promod_mode match_mr10_knife_pb will enable knife round and disable PunkBuster warnings in standard maxrounds 10 mode.
    There are also some other modes:

    As players use PROMOD for playing Seach & Destroy tournaments,so it has some weakness over other formats except SnD.

    Download PROMOD:
    Latest Promod version:
    Promod 2.11liveEU

    Other good promod version:
    Promod 2.10liveEU

    PROMOD Rules:

    #Weapons/attachment rules:
    no scorpion
    no p90
    no Heavy gunner class
    no m21
    no berret .50cal
    no dragnov
    No Grenade Launcher/Red Dot/grip/acogsite/ on any weapon
    silencer allowed
    (no attachment except silencer)

    #Class restrictions:
    specops limits : max 2 per team
    sniper limit : max 1 per team
    demolition limit : max 1 per team
    Heavy gunner class : Disabled
    Unlimited Assault class allowed
    This means your team must chose at least 2 assault class,maximum 5.

    #Perk rules:
    perk 1: Bandolier(fixed)
    Perk 2: Stopping power(fixed)
    Perk 3: Disabled

    #Grenade Rules:
    1 frag(fixed)
    1 Special greande(fixed).You can choose between smoke and flash.NO stungrenade.

    #Other Rules:
    No awp sway(you dont need to breath).but u have to zoom out after each shot bcoz of bolt action.
    No Airsupport.
    Friendly fire always ON.
    No frag cooking.

    *There are also some other changes in Promod that can only be noticable if you play.

    General rules of PROMOD Search & Destroy tournaments:
    Note:These rules are not permanent.These may a little vary from tournament to tournament.

    LAN Max Round 10 (lan_mr 10) format
    105(one minute fortyfive) seconds round time
    6 seconds strat time
    5 (Five) second Bomb Plant time
    7 (Seven) second Bomb Defuse time
    45 (Forty-five) second Bomb timer
    Map Pool : mp_backlot,mp_crash,mp_crossfire,mp_district,mp_strike

    PROMOD Search and destroy tournament Rules:
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