Didn't want to open two threads, so here's the two part question/post.


I'm tired of switching between my headphones and headsets for Music and Gaming/Skype. So, I'm looking for a stand alone mic, something that I can clip onto my headphone cable or my t-shirt, something that would pick up my voice clearly but ignore distant ambient noises, and most of all, something cheap.

Quick google shows Genius MIC-01C and Havit M60 may be available. Are they any good?


I need a Bluetooth mouse to use with my tab. Must be Bluetooth or WiFi that can connect through the internal adapters of the tab, not USB receiver dongles. Must be compatible with Windows 8.1, but android compatibility would be a bonus. And also, must be cheap.

So, suggest me which one to buy or where (in Chittagong) to look for one (I don't even know if I should search in the PC market or mobile gadgets market).