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Thread: ISP Recommendation in Kafrul/East Kafrul Area

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    Question ISP Recommendation in Kafrul/East Kafrul Area

    Hi, I am a BTCL user, looking to switch ISP. Can anyone suggest an alternative ISP in Kafrul/East Kafrul area??

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    Brisk, Onelink, The NetHeads, F4 Solution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aasifz View Post
    Brisk, Onelink, The NetHeads, F4 Solution.
    Thanks for the reply. Just checked each of their packages. Seems to be much better than my current BTCL package.

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    Contacted all of the ISPs mentioned above. No one seems to provide connection to Kafrul Area. Most of them provide for Mirpur and Ibrahimpur. Any other suggestions?? I would love to get rid of this pathetic BTCL connection.

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