Facebook members joined the Violence against Children campaign until Monday, December 6, 2010 changing their profile to cartoon heroes.

The members of facebook were invited to change their profile pictures to a cartoon character from childhood to join the campaign for violence against children. This is to commemorate the awareness of violence rising in children from different communities.

The objective of the campaign is to eliminate violence against children. As a result vast majority of people joined the campaign through the social network Facebook by putting pictures of different cartoon character heroes from childhood that will create an invasion of memories of childhood. Some of the profile pictures includes Spongebob, favorite cartoon anime and cartoon superheroes.

In addition, this is to help the campaign promote social awareness. This is to take advance action not only to change the situation but also to end the violence against children. Spreading the campaign to everyone will give justice especially to the children who were abused around the world. This is a simple way to give respect to children that are neglected during childhood and help the future of children.

The campaign is still running for a major cause. People are still joining the campaign to promote the importance the campaign. Preventing the violence and understanding the children are important. A group of people and the members of facebook are reposting the campaign and still inviting all the people to join. The campaign written on Facebook lasts until Monday, December 6, 2010.