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Thread: Laptop's temperature is too high!

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    Default Laptop's temperature is too high!

    Hi, I use this laptop (Acer V5 171) which has core i5 3337u processor. And for last couple of days it's running too hot I think. Normal temperature while watching movies or browsing web is like 70-80 degree celsius. And if I use it on bed, it goes beyond 80 and almost hit 90. -___- Please tell me what to do. I bought it in Feb/2014 so no warranty

    screen shot

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    If your one has dedicated graphics memory than you can check your graphics driver if that is up-to-date.I faced this type of heating problem in a HP laptop.After installing graphics driver the temp. come to normal state.

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    No, doesn't have any dedicated graphics card.

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    Bed e nile laptop onek gorom hoi, eta tik ase. But movie dekar somoi eto gorom hoar kotha na. Fan er grille moila jomle ba fan tikmoto kaj na korle ei problem hoite pare. Check your fans, if you can. Or if you know how to clean a laptop(unfortunately i don't), clean the fans by yourself.

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    oh btw @Shoaib vai kemon asen? Onek din apnake forum e deki na??? :C

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    Yeah, I, too, think this is because of dust built up. Probably cleaning will solve this issue.

    @shafi , valo. tomar khobor ki?

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