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Thread: ISP suggestion for Kaderabad, Mohammadpur

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    Question ISP suggestion for Kaderabad, Mohammadpur

    i live in Kaderabad Housing Mohammadpur and currently using doly it corner as my ISP but they suck. i constantly have connection problems and get disconnected and the speed is also slow. i am paying 1500 for 2.5mbps speed.
    I recently started to play league of legends and dota2 but the ping is very high and i constantly get disconnected.

    i REALLY need suggestion for good isp in my area.

    p.s: dotnet is available in my area but i heard their service is not good and there is constant downtime. stability is the most important factor to me.

    THNX in advance.

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    U can try Uturn Broadband, Real Station and Brisk system if you don't wanna go with dot.

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