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Thread: How to edit realmlist or add realm & play WoW

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    Default How to edit realmlist or add realm & play WoW

    At first you need to go to your game installation file, If WoW is installed in drive G:, than go to G:World of Warcraft\Data\enUS (enUS- this depend on the language of ur wow installation, like it can be en-GB or en-Fr). Than find open it with notepad

    it ll be like following

    set realmlist
    set patchlist
    set realmlistbn ""
    set portal us

    If you want to play in bloodcraft on that case replace these with followings

    set realmlist
    set patchlist
    set realmlistbn ""
    set portal us

    Than save it, and go to to register a id, than open your WoW via WoW.exe (from your game directory) Make sure you are not launching the file launcher.exe or desktop shortcut created in the time of installation.
    Than login with your ID, create character n play. Have fun
    Make sure you have patch 3.3.5a

    Remember if you want to play in other server just register on there site and get the server address or ip put it in the place where I put
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