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Thread: WoW Server Info

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    Default WoW Server Info

    World of Warcraft (WoW) is most popular MMORPG game of the world produced by Blizzard Entertainment.
    To play you need to connect a server. To play WoW with 100% potential, i mean to enjoy all the features of the game you need to play in retail/official server introduced by Blizzrd where you need to pay as you play. In order to play WoW in those server you need to buy game card or gaming hours. Remember downloading WoW is free. Retail servers use the latest patches released by game vendor.
    If you are decent enough to play but dont want to spend money you can play in free private servers, where you cant enjoy all the features of WoW (you can enjoy 30-40% features). You have to face bugs too. This servers isnt approved by Blizzard. To play in this servers you need to edit your file. Patch is depend on the servers. Usually you to wait atleast 10-12 months for getting latest patches in such servers.
    Again servers can be divided into 4 types, depending of different play style
    those are,

    • PvE (a.k.a. Normal) - Player vs. Environment
    • PvP - Player vs. Player
    • RP - Roleplaying version of a PvE realm. Additional behavior and naming rules apply.
    • RP-PvP - Roleplaying version of a PvP realm. Additional behavior and naming rules apply.

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    Default Re: WoW Server Info

    Can u please tell me if i can get a gaming card in chittagong pleeeeease d:

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