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Thread: edX UTAustin Embedded Systems MOOC with lab kit!

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    Default edX UTAustin Embedded Systems MOOC with lab kit!

    Hey all

    I wanted to bring this up earlier but couldn't manage the time. The University of Texas at Austin has partnered with edX and hardware vendors to begin one of the first lab-oriented MOOCs this year, starting from January 21. [1] This is the perfect time to take a MOOC if you're an electronics enthusiast in Bangladesh, because there are a couple of vendors and resellers of electronic components that have set up shop (online) recently. I know about TechshopBD, [2] and so I took the effort to notify both UTAustinX and TechshopBD about this opportunity to profit and educate.

    I don't know if that worked, but TechshopBD is now listed as a vendor in the Asian distributors' list. [3] What's more, as part of this course you receive a code to access a beautiful resource for learning C at Zyante, [4] which otherwise costs money. I do not represent any of these entities -- I simply want to ensure lifelong education reaches everyone, and I know that Bangladeshis/Bengalis are eager learners and high achievers If you know of any other local hobby hardware vendors, please let everyone here know. And please do push the vendors to offer discounts so that more people could afford the kit

    Note: The Tiva C board is currently out of stock and according to TechshopBD, supply is expected in about 20 days. You can simply use the simulator for now to engage in the learning, while you wait for the parts to get stocked.

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