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Thread: How to secured your account of facebook 95% with image

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    Default How to secured your account of facebook 95% with image

    First before creating an account of Facebook u need to have an email address ..Avoid using yahoo mail as we all know it... it got too much of venerability u can used Hotmail or Gmail ok

    Let start

    1: When creating your email always keep a backup of your alternate email and security question and answer as if ever happen your email got hacked this may help a lot to get it back..

    2:As we all know the most updated thing hacker was using in the past was call phishing ...sometime when your access certain site it give so link redirection or show something about facebook login and all .. avoid using these shortcuts of net as as soon u will put your user name and pass somebody else will get it ...

    3:Their is the keyloging.. this one is really dangerous and u should avoid it.. in order u should take some precaution avoid opening all kind of file and take time to scan all file u down with precaution if your are not sure about it.. used an sandbox or virtual machine updated to open the file..

    Well these are ways that hacker used to Hack fb account and so on

    What you could do..


    Always clear your browser cookies..

    What is browser cookies

    A cookie (also tracking cookie, browser cookie, and HTTP cookie) is a small piece of text stored on a user's computer by a web browser. A cookie consists of one or more name-value pairs containing bits of information.

    When clearing these it gona remove all saved databases in your browser and this be ad advantaged for you if ever happen your get a keyloger..

    Now How to secured your fb account this is simple...

    Open your fb account

    steps 2
    Make account and click on account setting

    Now u will be on the account setting option you will see something like this

    Now the basic thing we could do it to made a strong pass ..

    Here some tips how to do it

    1) Over eight characters
    2) Combines letters, numbers and symbols
    3) Easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess

    Choose a Long Phrase

    Ask not what your country can do for you ...
    To be or not to be, that is the question
    We have nothing to fear but fear itself

    Now we will do something with the email configuration

    Now in the account setting you will see the email click on change these u will see something like this

    Click on Add new email

    Then go to Hotmail or g mail create another email put then add it their into your Facebook email config..

    U see most hacker when hacking the problem keep forgetting remove the extra email that had been add so this could help a case you got hacked...

    Now click on link account u will see something like this

    Then connect your account to another email ..Let said this gona be like an backdoor for your fb account lol.. Anything also. if ever happen the hacker had change your email and your extra email ... you could used this method to access your profile..

    Now in order to make the account more secured put something hard to guess into your security question configuration ...

    Now concerning the privacy setting setting go to it and hide your email address put in the option only me this will avoid your email address to be seen by everyone

    Now go to your account security management put the option as you can see on the shot

    Now also each time you login or somebody else login u will be send a notification into your mobile or this will be in the option as u can see on the screen shot.. this may help to u know if somebody else had got access got access to your profile...

    Well here some main tips about how to secured your account Also is your are fearing from keyloger
    You can used anti keyloger

    Here an example

    I remember on hackforum member post about how to get it premium for free

    Also their is rats or botnet if ever happen your pc had been infect see on task manager...process If u see something that is not related to your windows simply end it..verify it well

    Well that all after doing these can said you are secured i hope you like it thanks..

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    i need to hack one of my friend's account ........can u do that ?

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