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Thread: Irony of Fate-PSP game cracked before release

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    Default Irony of Fate-PSP game cracked before release

    Keu ki "god of war::ghost of sparta" kelso.Ami "sparta" city par korlam.
    This game will be released in 2,3 and 4 November.see

    Ei game ta thepiratebay te aise 24th october.Usenext e aro agee.
    Developer ra je keno console er jonno exclusive game banai tar kono karon deki na.
    Ei game jodi ubisoft develop korto,then atleast for some month it will be protected against
    cracking(remember AC2?)

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    Default Re: Irony of Fate-PSP game cracked before release

    Ai game ta jodi Ubisoft release korte, PSP version thik e age leak hoito, but biggest difference ashto hocche game ta tei. GoS is an amazing game, Ubi etar dharer kase kichu banaite parbe na on the PSP. I have every intention of buying the UMD, I did so for MGS PW, and I can do it for this as well.

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