BUY IT ! I know you guys are already disappointed by the reviews. Yes, not what people expect from MEDAL OF HONOR. When i 1st saw the dice and the other logo from battle field bad company i though wow its going to be another battle field, but do not expected anyything like battlefield. Graphics of battle field bad company 2 is compared with crysis, but here this game does not even look like battle field bad company 1. BOLDA AI dia rakse, matha bair koira chaia thake and i got that head shot achivement in the very 1st level as far as i remember. But its not that bad overall, u will have fun ofcurse. Onak exciting missions ase, after all they tried to copy from COD, so even a copy of COD would not be that bad right! And most of us(the bd looser gamers) dont even have live so who cares how is the online play. Play it.